Drum and Space

Drum and Space (front)Drum and Space (back)Drum and Space (disc)

title Drum and Space
artist outpt+paris
catalogue number AVA 11-01
format compact disc EP, digital download
purchase Bandcamp / iTunes / CDBaby or physical media and merch
track listing 1. Horizon:Infinity
2. Satellite Reports [video]
3. Proximity to Me
4. Direction l’Espace
5. Cosmic Cleopatra
notes Drum and Space is a five song/video cycle chronicling the voyage of a future space traveller as she looks to trade the safety of her home world for the furthest regions of the universe. She begins as a optimistic explorer heading out on her own path of discovery, but her travels do not continue unaccompanied for long and her goals become more ambitious.

The Drum and Space EP is the musical component of an audio/visual project for performance. Drum and Space brings together the analogue and the digital into a beat-driven interstellar experience.

For more information, visit drumandspace.com